Messages from donors who have helped to raise more than £10,000 for Cuba Vive!

Cuba Vive, the new appeal to ship life-saving medical aid to Cuba has already raised more than £10,000 in donations from CSC members and supporters just three weeks after its launch.

The vast majority of the 185 donations received up to 19 February come from individuals, several of whom also sent messages of support.

“I have just returned from a 2 week stay in Cuba and had the opportunity to meet and talk with several medics which gave me a deeper insight,” said Alec Turner.

“Proud to be a Unison member. Viva la Revolucion Cubana,” wrote James Clegg in reference to the four UNISON regions which jointly launched the appeal.

Another CSC member Richard Moore said: “Great cause. Sad it is necessary. Best Wishes with the campaign to remove the blockade and for western nations to acknowledge the contribution Cuba makes to the world and the beacon they represent.”

Several people paid tribute to the internationalism and humanitarian contribution of Cuba’s medical teams and how the US blockade threatened this:

“Proud to support the amazing medical staff in Cuba, who are so often willing to help other countries too.” Kathleen Lowrie

To help the most dedicated medics in the world,” Elizabeth Hamilton.

“Solidarity with the Cuban people and thanks to its medical teams for the solidarity they provide to those in need around the world,” Celia Digan.

“I am very concerned that Cuba’s huge achievements in healthcare are being undermined by an illegitimate blockade,” John Brooke.

“Supporting this appeal is to oppose the weaponisation of healthcare with the weaponisation of solidarity as the US blockade is nothing short of economic warfare. Consequently Cuba’s world-renowned achievements in healthcare are under threat and it is innocent people who suffer. End the blockade on health and remove Cuba from the US State Sponsors of Terrorism List!” Father Geoff Bottoms.

And almost every message called for an end to the US blockade to help alleviate shortages in Cuba such as Mary and Bruce Morgan who said: “We fully support Cuba in its need for medical supplies made difficult by the illegal blockade by the US and others,” and David Hughes who wished that “the USA would act sensibly and take actions to calm the whole world down starting with lifting all sanctions of Cuba.”


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